Story and History

Productive Training Services Story

A passion for professional development, the power of selfless attitudes, and the dignity of every person.

Our founder was inspired by good leaders and teachers at a young age.  This inspiration led him to study high-performance human behavior.  As a enthusiastic reader, goal-setter and continuous-improvement advocate, he would seek out and learn from the best authors and speakers he could find. He soon discovered was that interactive, hands-on, experiential approaches to skill-development consistently showed the best results! Along the way, he experienced the value and power of learning and improvement in his own life, and became committed to bringing engaging training for professional development to as many others as possible.

Initially sub-contracting with two national training firms for several years, Productive Training Services was finally incorporated in 1988 and ventured out with communication, leadership and team development training.
The word productive in our name (achieving or producing good results or a significant amount of positive results) captures both our strong work ethic and desire to help others keep growing and improving.

Our first two courses, effective presentation skills and quality customer service generated impressive client results and earned top ratings, and we grew from there. With proven, interactive course design and a growing track record, Productive Training Services slowly added client-driven team communication, supervisory and eventually leadership development courses.

Fast forward since 1988 to 2022 our Productive Training team has helped over 400 organizations and thousands of leaders and teams across the country to be more effective. Since the majority of our business is from happy repeat customers and referrals, we would love to have an opportunity to show you what we can do for your organization too.

Today you will still get a user-friendly (but more seasoned) talent development firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We work best with organizations that are serious about helping their leaders and team members improve the skills necessary for greater organizational effectiveness, better service and profitability. While many of our clients have been manufacturing, engineering, construction and technology firms; we also serve a variety of other organizations and clients when there is a good fit for our services.

Contact us to explore some of the ways we can help strengthen your leadership, teamwork, customer communication and more.

Why Work With Productive Training Services?

  • We Believe an organization is best when its people are at their best
  • We care about bringing out the best in people and their improvement
  • We use our validated, time-tested, interactive, adult-learning approach
  • We thrive on helping others to grow, improve and better serve/contribute
  • We have supported talent development and performance improvement for over 30 years
  • Over 90% of customers hire us back for additional work or services
  • We love what we do and are passionate about making a positive difference
  • We have served organizations in almost all 50 states and four countries
  • We are easy to work with and our results often pay for your investment
  • We believe that servant leadership and self-less teamwork breed success
  • We will do great work with your team – satisfaction guaranteed!

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