Effective Business Writing Workshop I and II

Business Writing I
Grammar and Other Writing Mechanics

Tools for improving written communication professionalism and perceptions

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Workshop Goal:

This full-day business-writing-workshop is designed to help you eliminate embarrassing errors that can detract from your professional business communications. This workshop provides simple answers to the most frequently asked questions on grammar and punctuation. You will develop confidence in your ability to write effectively.


Upon completion of this course you will be better prepared to:

  • Identify and eliminate many common grammar and usage errors.
  • Determine how to correctly form plurals and possessives
  • Choose correctly from confusing pairs of words (e.g. affect/effect,
    fewer/less, who/whom, etc.)
  • Make subjects and verbs agree
  • Use commas, colons, and quotation marks correctly
  • Communicate more positive, professional perceptions in written communications

Who Should Attend:

All employees who generate their own correspondence or reports, or who are responsible for the correspondence or reports of someone else.

Business Writing II – Best Practices
for Enhancing Business Writing Skills

Today’s successful organizations are embracing quality standards throughout the workplace. Unfortunately, one important area is often overlooked: Business Writing.

Does your business writing measure up to the standards of the new millennium?

 Consider:  Every year American companies lose millions of dollars as a result of poor communication. This ineffective communication wastes valuable time, creates misunderstanding, and alienates customers.  While new technology simplifies the process of writing documents, designing graphics, and sending electronic mail, there is no substitute for the human effort.

Workshop Goal:

This proven workshop is a fast-paced full-day session designed to help business people experience practical ways to improve their business writing skills for more effective written communication and results..


As a result of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply Six Characteristics of Good Business Writing to all types of documents.
  • Follow the Writing Roadmap process for preparing business communication.
  • Organize and present information for greatest impact.
  • Foster e-mail étiquette to compose effective e-mail messages.
  • Practice tips for more effective use of email subject line.s
  • Identify and eliminate a few of the common grammar and usage errors.

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