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Many leaders want to leave a lasting legacy. Most leaders want to have a positive impact on people and projects, yet some fall short of this goal. With management leadership coaching you can help your managers or emerging leaders increase their ability to lead and develop teams more effectively.

It is not uncommon for managers to get promoted to additional leadership responsibilities or roles because of their past technical abilities or work history. The problem is some leaders have not received enough good formation or training on how to be an effective or inspiring leader.  These skill-gaps can cause potential problems with enormous ripple effects including low morale and turnover.

Executive coaching for managers can help them lead and develop teams more effectively. If you have a current or future leader with blind spots or skill gaps our coaching process can help them improve and shorten their learning curve!

We all benefit from feedback

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Coaching Services Overview

We provide proven coaching solutions for both the individual executive/manager as well as management teams.

Our typical coaching recipients tend to be business leaders who have already achieved a level of success, and are worthy of investment in their professional and personal development. They are open/willing to improve and have a high level of integrity to that commitment. We have found that whenever a leader takes steps to enhance their own performance it benefits them as well as the greater organization. We have had board members, business colleagues, and senior management often recommend coaching for key individuals to reach untapped levels of potential.

Most leaders recognize they challenged by one or two areas that can keep them from achieving the high level of excellence that they are committed to. Once leaders realize the benefits from helpful outside assistance with clarifying and taking action towards meeting those challenges, they get a great return on their investment and improvement efforts.

For all clients we maintain a high level of integrity and confidentiality. We are committed to our clients’ improvement goals and their success.

What Should You Expect Within Our Effective Coaching Process?

Your candidates can expect to be both encouraged and challenged through a coaching process that is custom tailored towards individual needs and business objectives.

Our tried-and-true, result-producing coaching process typically includes:

  • an assessment phase
  • a goals planning phase
  • educational content and resources
  • regularly scheduled, structured coaching sessions
  • assignments with specific practices or action steps
  • video recorded feedback as needed
  • goal review process and next steps

Additional coaching sessions can easily be added onto any of our packages if needed. Coaching sessions are held at a mutually convenient time and location. If location, convenience or accessibility is an issue, coaching sessions can be conducted over the phone or as a live webcast through our live meeting platform.

Coaching works best when one of the two following apply:

  1. the parties involved are motivated to work on improving/enhancing their skills, or…
  2. at a minimum they are willing to acknowledge a weak skill area or an improvement needed
    for greater success in their business world.

Coaching is a professional development tool that builds and expands on the leadership, management, and relationship.

Today, more of our clients are also using coaching as a way to better leverage and expand existing strengths and to utilize existing resources to achieve a higher level of success. Now more than ever, business leaders are discovering the benefits of having a professional coach to assist them in achieving greater results in business relationships and in their field of expertise.

In our experience working with within a variety of organizations, we have seen many planning efforts fail, not in the actually planning, but in the lack of follow through and execution in a dynamic business environment. Coaching provides a powerful combination of ingredients including clear focus, goal setting and accountability. These coaching ingredients help individuals or teams to follow through on the action steps needed to make measurable progress on meaningful priorities for better results.

We believe in training. But we also don’t believe that leadership or team training efforts alone are effective. Workshops, seminars and off sites certainly help in the learning of effective skills. But like the professional athlete, the successful business leader must “practice” and continually stretch to integrate new skills to the level where they are instinctual and more automatic. Executive coaching reinforces the learning process through the integration of knowledge and skills matched with consistent behaviors/actions. We accelerate results with shared accountability.

What our effective coaching process does…
is take the self-improvement process and accelerate it. 

As business professionals; almost all of us improve incrementally over a period of time. Think about it; the process above illustrates what each of us has gone through in our past whenever we’ve made some type of self-improvement in our personal or professional skills or abilities.

What our effective coaching process does is take the self-improvement process and accelerate it. We accomplish this by formalizing improvement needs with upfront commitments to mutual goals, agreed-upon focused behaviors/practices and repeated accountability in follow-up meetings. Along the way participants are provided the proven tools, resources and support necessary to help sustain new habits and eventually new/preferred behaviors.

Over 40% of Fortune 500 companies have
engaged coaches at the executive level.

Some coaching clients don’t mind sharing their words of thanks!

“The coaching & training that you gave me was an outstanding experience and it helped me a lot.
I really did get a ton out of it. It was seriously a learning experience like I haven’t had in a long time. Anyhow, we have another manager here that would like similar training.
Is it possible for you to provide a quote?”
Kevin Laurence Group Manager
KUKA Systems North America

“When I was offered a promotion to director of engineering, I didn’t realize how much coaching would help me …and I was a bit on the defensive. With your helpful approach; I quickly improved my self-perception and the perception others had of me including my professional dress and appearance. The coaching you provided not only helped refine my skills and confidence, but also opened more opportunities for me to have more positive impact on people and projects.”
R.S. Engineering Director

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