Effective Coaching Skills For Peak Performance

This workshop is designed to help Managers and Supervisors practice and enhance important behavior coaching skills that can enable them to further develop their human resources and gain more of their commitment.


Managers and supervisors who wish to strengthen their ability to develop their people individually and collectively with a more consistent coaching leadership style.  Group size: from 10 to 20 people. This course is very good for helping those in supervisory roles to encourage, correct and bring out the best in their staff or team members.

Proven Objectives and Content:

  • Identify styles of management and their consequences
  • Recognize what it takes to be a great coach/manager consistently
  • Prove why coaching is so important to valuable skill development
  • Incorporate an easy to remember and use, four-step coaching process
  • Communicate expectations in a way that makes others want to follow through
  • Practice how to provide reinforcing, skill-building and corrective feedback
  • Use worksheets to help you conduct effective coaching/counseling sessions now and in the future

Participant Benefits:

  • Inviting better responses and results from coworkers and customers
  • Approaches for greater communication confidence, clarity and consistency
  • Options for improving one and two-way communication and trust
  • Listening approaches to practice beyond the workshop
  • Relationship and mutual respect enhancement reminders
  • Proven tools for enhancing departmental or organizational information sharing

Tangible Results:

This program has been very popular with our clients for several years for good reason.  It is very helpful, interactive and provides real world approaches that managers and supervisors can use every day. Your leaders can help facilitate improvements in workplace communication, accountability and teamwork.

Accountability & Measurement:

This single-day workshop includes self-assessments and a follow-up email reminder after sessions to accelerate and reinforce application after the training. These follow-up approaches (and optional compatible training modules) help boost sustainability and daily practice by more of your people. 

This workshop works best when combined within a leadership series or by scheduling follow-up assessments and reinforcement training to accelerate and reinforce application of behavior principles.

Program Delivery Includes: 

  • Interactive on-site workshop and useful reference workbook
  • In session individual leadership improvement plan
  • Helpful leadership assessments and group hands-on practice
  • Executive summary of all participant feedback

Great Returns on Your Skill-Building Investment!

Contact us for greater savings when combining multiple training services.

Target Growth Areas:

  • Practice with employee interactions
  • Shared understanding & motivation
  • Self-knowledge & self-management
  • Relationship improvement tools
  • Listening skill improvement practices
  • Supervisory feedback tools
  • Employee morale
  • Greater cooperation/team trust

“All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.”
         – Bill McCartney, Defense Coordinator, Sand Francisco ’49ers

” Selecting the right person for the right job  is the largest part of coaching.”
        – Philip Crosby,  Reflections on Quality

When asked: “would you recommend this workshop to others?”  Out of the last 10 workshops we conducted,

100% of attendees said “YES”.

When asked to “who” or “why?” some of the many participant comments were: 

  • Anyone in a leadership position or hopes to be one.
  • I found this very valuable content!
  • Good for every organization.
  • The templates will be useful when speaking with employees.
  • To all Supervisors.
  • Great technique!  I generally hate these things.  This was excellent.
  • Others in my group and my boss.
  • Colleagues I work closely with.
  • I liked the worksheets and templates.
  • Informative entertaining and able to get everyone to fully participate is real talent!
  • Working level leaders in the company.

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