Making Meetings More Effective

This effective meetings training workshop is designed to help both meeting leaders and participants maximize their skills to accomplish more in less time at meetings.  It is also designed to encourage better consensus building and decision-making through effective facilitation techniques.


Because we spend more time in meetings than ever before…this training is ideal for managers, supervisors, and employees who wish to strengthen their ability to lead or assist in making meetings more productive or effective.  Group size: from 8 to 16 people. This effective meetings training course will pay for itself in practical tips tools and practices that can be used right away to improve existing or future meetings. It also helps with meeting behavior consistency within departments and company-wide.

Proven Objectives and Content:

  • Identify present meeting strengths and improvement needs
  • Clarify the best type of meeting for achieving your objectives
  • Measure your meetings against successful meeting ingredients
  • Practice building a results-getting agenda
  • Identify when it is better to lead or facilitate a meeting
  • Discover ways you can be a more productive participant at meetings
  • Confirm ways to get the meeting focused and keep it focused
  • Learn techniques for encouraging helpful participation and avoiding negative behavior issues

Participant Benefits:

  • Discover ways to invite better meeting prep and results from all participants
  • Approaches for greater communication confidence, clarity and consistency
  • Options for productive information and decision making meetings
  • Hands-on practice and templates to utilize
  • Trust and mutual respect enhancement reminders
  • Proven tools for enhancing departmental or organizational accountability

Program Delivery Includes: 

  • Interactive workshop and useful reference workbook
  • In session individual leadership improvement plan
  • Helpful meeting assessments and group hands-on practice
  • Executive summary of all participant feedback

Target Growth Areas:

  • Ingredients for successful meetings
  • Setting effective meeting objectives
  • Creating agendas that work for you
  • Meeting facilitation best practices
  • Balancing meeting input and control
  • Helpful communication tools
  • Meeting evaluations for improvement
  • Facilitating participant accountability

“When the outcome of a meeting is to have another meeting, it has been a lousy meeting.”
– Herbert C. Hoover, 31st US President 1929-1933

 “Any single problem can be made unsolvable if enought meetings are held to discuss it.”
 – Unknown

When asked: “would you recommend this workshop to others?”  Out of the last 19 workshops we conducted,

100% of attendees said “YES”.

When asked to “who” or “why?” some of the many participant comments were: 

  • All of my peers and clients.
  • It will improve our productivity.
  • Tools to help improve any meeting.
  • I found this specific training very useful.
  • Good reinforcement of best practices.
  • To all who need to run or participate in meetings.
  • Time saved in meetings will help.
  • Others in my group and my boss.
  • Colleagues I work closely with.
  • Good tips and takeaways.
  • Creating better agendas for meetings with clients and co-workers.
  • Training is extremely valuable.
  • Good ideas on how to deal with meetings.
  • Practice meetings and preparing agenda.

Accountability & Measurement:

This effective meeting training works best when immediately put into use or by scheduling meeting facilitation follow-up coaching to accelerate and reinforce application of behavior principles.

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