Presentation Coaching

Presentation Coaching

Preparing to win new business or make an important team sales presentation doesn’t need to be stressful. Bring us in to help you.

If the message is important, why not make it great? Presentation coaching can help you do that!

From large annual meetings to company town hall meetings, executives are being expected to share their vision, plans and hope for the future. We have helped many senior managers and knowledgeable content experts to increase their ability to make their point more inspiring and memorable with our professional presentation coaching.

For example, by reviewing the previous year videos of a client’s annual meeting, we were able to coach their entire executive team on ways to take their presentation skills up to the next higher level. Result: they were all relieved when their next employee meeting was so much more successful and when they received excellent feedback about all the improved presentations and professionalism.

With our successful presentation coaching and training approach, participants gain behavior-specific practice needed for better connecting with and persuading audiences.

They get time to work with many practical tips and tools while receiving helpful feedback for improvement. They will also receive professional Presentation Tips, Tools and Practices workbook with reproducible worksheets that aid in the preparation and delivery of future presentations.

Some of our presentation coaching clients first call upon us for help when they are preparing a presentation in response to being short-listed for a high-value proposal. Other clients have called us when they have an important sales presentation or a public appearance they are gearing up for. From structuring presentation content to more engaging delivery, we can help you make your next presentation much more effective and memorable.

Executive Presentation Coaching builds on each leader’s experience, content knowledge, and natural personality to bring out the best in them for success in today’s business environment.

Presentation coaching works best when one of the following apply:

  1. The individual or leadership team involved is motivated to improve or enhance their presentation skills, or
  2. They are willing to acknowledge a weak presentation skill area needing improvement and are open to getting some professional assistance.

Our executive presentation coaching provides a powerful combination of ingredients, including:

  • Increasing comfort/confidence
  • Stage presence,
  • Gaining and keeping audience attention,
  • Storytelling tips
  • Video practice with critique.

These coaching ingredients help individuals or even presentation teams to follow through on action steps needed to make measurable progress on future presentations for better results.

We don’t believe that presentation training workshops are the answer for all leaders/teams.

We believe in training. Workshops, seminars and off sites certainly help with learning new skills. But like the professional athlete, the successful business leader must “practice” and continually stretch to integrate new skills to the level where they are instinctual and more automatic. Our presentation coaching reinforces the learning process through the integration of knowledge and skills matched with consistent behaviors/actions.

Our effective coaching process takes the self-improvement 
process and accelerates it.

As business professionals, most of us improve incrementally over a period of time.  Think about it: the process above illustrates what each of us has gone through in our past whenever we’ve made some type of self-improvement in our personal or professional skills or abilities.

We accelerate the process by formalizing improvement needs with upfront assessment and goals, then agreed-upon tightly focused practices and accountability with follow-up meetings. Included in the process are proven tools, resources, and video support as necessary to help sustain new habits and eventually new/preferred behaviors.

Over 40% of Fortune 500 companies have engaged coaches at the executive level.

Our clients tend to be business leaders or future leaders who are motivated and worthy of investment in their professional and personal development. They are committed to excellence and have a high level of integrity to that commitment. We have found that whenever a leader takes steps to enhance their own performance it benefits both the individual and the greater organization.

Many leaders are at times challenged by one or two key areas that keep them from achieving the high level of excellence that they are committed to. Once an executive realizes that they can benefit from another’s assistance in clarifying and taking action towards meeting these challenges, they maximize their return on their investment and professional development efforts.

For all clients, we maintain a high level of integrity and confidentiality. We are committed to our clients’ improvement goals and their success.

What to expect within this presentation coaching process

Professional Presentation Coaching

Our clients can expect to be both encouraged and strongly challenged through a fast-paced process that is custom tailored towards their objectives and needs. Our effective, result-producing coaching process typically includes:

  • an assessment phase
  • a goals planning phase
  • educational content and resources
  • scheduled, structured coaching sessions
  • assignments with specific practices or action steps
  • video recorded feedback as needed
  • goal review process and next steps

Additional coaching sessions can easily be added to any of our packages if needed. Coaching sessions are held at a mutually convenient time and location. If location, convenience or accessibility is an issue, coaching sessions can be conducted as live webcast sessions through our live meeting platform.

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