Team Approach to Leading Others

In the Team Approach to Leading Others Workshop; managers work on their Leadership skills and behaviors to refine for more effective outcomes with and through team members.

Proven Program Objectives:

  • Identify strengths and areas to increase leadership effectiveness
  • Show how your personal development impacts others
  • Explore proven ways trust can be built
  • Discover ways to help facilitate better staff involvement and decision making
  • Clarify and recommit to shared values employees want to support
  • Establish or revisit and communicate the vision for your functional area or department to your team
  • Review ways to help others think more proactively from a leadership point of view

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Leaders who with to enhance their present leadership skills or to lead others more effectively. Group size: from 7 to 14 people. This course is ideal for enhancing leadership team consistency between departments or as a kickoff to leadership team training series.

Participant Benefits:

  • Identify your strengths and areas to increase your leadership effectiveness
  • Explore ways a leader can earn more employee/peer trust and respect
  • Show how your personal development impacts others
  • Understand and adapt to individual behaviors better
  • Discover a method to help get greater employee/peer buy-in and support
  • Demonstrate how selfless service brings out the best in our leadership, ourselves and others
  • Review ways to help employees think more proactively from a leadership/big picture point of view

Tangible Results:

This program is highly interactive, provides practical approaches for every day use and it invites noticeable improvements in workplace leadership and positive influence. Leaders are consistently surprised by the shared learning, value and helpful takeaways they gain.

Accountability & Measurement:

This one-day workshop includes self-assessments and a follow-up email reminder after sessions to accelerate and reinforce application after the training. These follow-up approaches (and optional compatible training modules) help boost sustainability and daily practice by more of your people.

Program Delivery Includes:

  • Interactive workshop and useful reference workbook
  • In session individual personal communication improvement plan
  • Quick and helpful self-assessments and group hands-on practice
  • Executive summary of all participant feedback

Program Length/Commitment:

Standard program structure is: One full day, with a recommended follow-up within 4 weeks to support application and practice time and to help reinforce positive communication behavior improvements.

Target Growth Areas:

  • Leadership skill-enhancement
  • Leading teamwork
  • Greater self-management
  • Relationship improvement tools
  • Leadership communication tools
  • Greater cooperation/team trust

“All good leaders work at building a cohesive team with a unified vision of a greater good.”
– Joe Tabers

“Developing yourself and your people is one of your most important leadership responsibilities.”
– John Maxwell

When asked: “would you recommend this workshop to others?”  Out of the last 10 workshops we conducted,

100% of attendees said “YES”.

When asked to who or why? Some of the many participant comments were:

  • All leaders at our company!
  • Every leader can improve if they are open to it.
  • Everyone has room for improvement.
  • For all leaders and managers.
  • Others in my management group and my boss.
  • Leaders set the tone in the company.