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Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training With Big Returns

Presentation Skills Training = Impressive Results
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If you are exploring presentation training providers for your team, you have come to the right place. We facilitate some of the best, engaging, presentation skills training in Michigan, all 50 states, and Canada. Several of our clients have said “this training pays for itself with even one better presentation in front of our customers or prospects”.

Winning presentations require good planning, organization and good delivery. When comparing presentation skills training providers to help your team, consider choosing professionals that present for a living, year after year as we do.  As you scroll down below, click-on the type of presentation skills training that you most need/prefer. From basic to advanced, or technical presentations to sales presentation training, we can help you.

Business development and sales teams have earned over $650 million in new business with our proven presentation skills training and coaching!

Clients we have proudly served include…

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Clients tell us our presentation training is ideal for…

  • Improving client facing communication and professionalism.

  • Equipping team members to be more engaging, comfortable and confident with themselves and their audiences.

  • Training individuals and teams to present more concisely, persuasively and better sell their ideas, products or services.

  • Better business development presentations and better client communications and rapport.

  • Encouraging technical staff and those in positions of influence

Improve poor presentations and meetings that waste time, money and valuable resources.   Ask yourself, how much do average or mediocre presentations cost us?  Then ask yourself, how much time and money can effective presentation skills or professional presentation coaching $ave us or make us?


It is no secret that effective presentations draw listeners into the message. Here is some good news for you.  Your team can learn comfortable ways to invite audience interest and engagement with our hands-on, effective presentation training workshops. 

Our customized presentation training can help your organization gain the following benefits:

  1. Prepare for high-visibility presentations
  2. Win new clients/customers and additional business
  3. Persuade or challenge others to take action or follow through
  4. Encourage greater teamwork
  5. Improve morale
  6. Influence customer loyalty/referrals
  7. Invite greater commitment and participation
  8. Educate, inform or inspire
  9. Help subject matter experts/technical staff effectively get their point across

Four different presentation training courses to choose from. Explore the overviews below or contact us for more customized

Select the best presentation training for your team!

 The right presentation training will produce significant returns on your investment.

Yes, a return on investment from presentation skill training can and should be a reality.


As a leader or talent development professional you help set the tone for successful presentation skill development training.


Well designed effective presentation skill training can have a positive long-term effect on many people associated with your organization both internally and externally.


The resources on this website will assist you in making an informed decision for a more effective ROI of your training dollars.


If a training provider cannot legitimately GUARANTEE RESULTS supporting one or more of the above BENEFITS . . . you probably want to keep looking.


The bottom line . . .

If you want high quality, real-world training that will improve your team’s presentations and results. Call us to chat, we will help you. 734.332.8770

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Put our top presentation practices and coaching to work for you!

  • Help team members to see themselves be more engaging, comfortable and confident on their feet and with their audiences.

  • Coach both teams and individuals to present more persuasively and better sell their ideas, products or services.

  • Fast forward your improvements for high visibility client interviews, proposals or sales team presentations.

  • Utilize our flexibility with on-site presentation training in Michigan, 48 states and Canada. We provide virtual options as well.

You already know ineffective presentations and meetings waste time, money and valuable resources.   So ask yourself, how much are average or mediocre presentations really cost us? How much could effective presentation skills training or professional presentation team coaching really save us or profit us?    Request a free competitive quote.