Facilitation Skills

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 This two-day workshop is designed to help team leaders, project managers or those in meeting leadership positions who want to facilitate better meetings and meeting outcomes.  It includes live, hands-on practice of proven facilitation tips, tools and approaches to help facilitators accomplish more in less time in meetings.  It is also designed to help meeting leaders strengthen interactive discussions and decision-making with follow-up accountability from individual meeting participants.



 In order to achieve the workshop goals we will accomplish the following objectives:

  • Identify present meeting strengths and improvement needs
  • Clarify the best type of meeting for achieving your objectives
  • Utilize helpful successful meeting preparation sheets and checklists
  • Measure your meetings against proven successful meeting ingredients
  • Practice building or communicating a results-getting agenda
  • Identify when it is better to lead or facilitate a meeting or an agenda item
  • Practice opening and closing a meeting with peer & instructor feedback
  • Practice ways to confidently get a meeting focused and keep it focused
  • Review and practice hands-on techniques for encouraging helpful participation and effectively addressing negative behavior issues
  • Practice a proven five-step process for both inviting and handling  questions effectively
  • Explore ways you can be (or help others to be) a more productive participant in meetings
  • Discover ways to confirm follow-up actions and obtain better results
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