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Leadership Lessons for Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Even great leaders need reflective input and helpful reminders.

This customized session is designed to help leaders increase their influence, impact and outcomes with their teams.


Key Benefits:


  • A healthy inward look at the leader we are and proven ways to move toward a higher level.
  • Methods for inviting better responses and results from peers, team members and customers
  • Approaches for greater communication confidence, clarity and consistency
  • Helpful practices for improving one and two-way team communication
  • Leadership listening practices to utilize beyond the session
  • Proven tools for enhancing departmental or organizational information sharing and accountability
Educational / informative audience activity technical / specific inspirational / life-changing


Teamwork Practices that Boost Team Results!

Successful teams are not built on luck. After working with hundreds of teams; Joe discovered that most teams and team members rarely received enough meaningful training on what makes successful teams successful.


Allow Joe to help you change that and you will get much better team results and stronger team member relationships.  In this fast-paced, engaging session he will have your team(s) engaged, smiling, reflecting and taking away many gems for immediate use.


Key Benefits:


  • Explore top characteristics of successful teams and team members and where your team can improve
  • Identifying areas you like about your team/department and (magic wand) areas you would change/improve and how
  • Assessing each team member’s behavioral strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding different behaviors and styles and how they affect you, your team or your customers
  • Proven techniques to improve interpersonal relations with supervisors, co-workers and clients
  • Capturing a personal mini action plan for increasing professionalism
Audience activity educational / informative technical / inspirational / life-changing humorous / funny


Attitude for Success: Ways to Get or Stay at Your Best!

You have likely heard the phrase “be positive!” you also know that a great attitude is more than just saying – be positive!

In this 20 to 40 minute talk, Joe shares engaging, intentional practices that have helped hundreds of individuals to build or maintain great attitudes and invite better workplace outcomes.


Key Benefits:


    •  Factors that shape and effect our attitudes
    • Real impact attitude has on thinking, feeling, behaviors and
      interactions with others
    • Six ingredients to help build/maintain great attitudes
    • Proven ways to make positive changes happen
  • Ways to generate enthusiasm and a healthy future outlook

From a certified auto mechanic at age 18, to real estate investor at the age of 21, to inspiring speaker at age 26;  Joe Tabers has kept growing forward and rarely looks back. He attributes positive attitude, positive relationships and reading many good positive books to his career success. Today he still loves sharing his best discoveries so others will benefit.

What audience members are saying about this keynote…

“Well presented, very knowledgeable of the topic “lives what he believes.”
There is truth in his positive attitude.”

“Excellent! Great concepts and tools to improve.  Great amount of challenging us to “do!”

“Very Valuable! I will be using this today. Thank you! Great job Joe!”

“I gained an understanding of methods/tools to create a better attitude instead of “just looking at  the bright side”

“Helped me to see how values and selfless goals change my attitude.”

“I gained tools to stay positive and influence people positively.”

“I do believe this will have a positive impact on the bottom-line of our organization.”

“If everyone had this session, it would be easy to achieve all personal/team/company  goals.”

“Always good to go over what we can control.  Attitude is the key to success.”

“I enjoyed it! I believe by maintaining an improved attitude it will help me to stay focused and complete tasks.”

“I have already recommended this session to my entire team!”


Audience activity educational / informative inspirational / life-changing technical / specific


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