Presentation Skills Training

Get the Best Effective Presentation Skills Training…


You will get impressive results by participating in this fast-paced, high-level training. Your leaders or future leaders will be able to prepare and deliver effective presentations that connect better with audiences and get more positive responses and results!


With an open mind and a willingness to participate, you will learn how to:

  • Focus on the presentation skills that are most important to achieving your goals
  • Explore the best practices of effective presenters and prioritize those that you choose to practice or duplicate in your presentations
  • Address ways you can present a more assertive, professional image to your audiences and set a positive tone
  • Use a proven preliminary planning form to help you focus your presentation on your specific audience needs to avoid “overloading” or too much information
  • Practice a way to quickly and effectively organize your content with greate clarity and conciseness for greater results with your listeners
  • Learn two (or more) proven methods for building self-confidence and overcoming nervousness before and during a presentation
  • Practice giving presentations with specific, three-way, skill-building feedback including helpful video feedback of your presentations
  • Experiment with a proven process to help sell ideas and persuade listeners to take action (this format alone can pay for your tuition by helping you “sell” your future proposals)
  • Practice body language and voice techniques that can help you to better convey yourself and belief in your message to your listeners
  • Gain tips to better utilize visuals in a manner that adds greater impact and clarity to your important content/key points
  • Practice methods for handling questions and answers professionally
  • Develop a personal action plan to help transfer skills and techniques to the “real world”


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