Proactive Team Communication Skills for Leaders

This workshop is designed to provide leaders with practical, proven techniques for enhancing communication effectiveness with others face to face and over the phone.


Management/supervisory leaders who need or wish to strengthen their leadership communication with others. Group size: from 8 to 20 people. This course is ideal for greater leadership consistency within departments or as a component of entire company-wide leadership training initiatives.

Proven Objectives and Content

  • Reaffirm and build on your existing communication strengths
  • Identify barriers to avoid that break down communication
  • Identify ways to increase impact and clarity when communicating
  • Invite greater understanding and cooperation from others when communicating expectations or making a request
  • Confirm understanding with effective two-way communication
  • Explore effective questioning options for avoiding misunderstandings
  • Review effective listening approaches to utilize and practice daily
  • Identify one or more ways to enhance your listening skills and relationships
  • Confirm one or two steps you will work on to become a more effective communicator with your peers/direct report

Participant Benefits:

  • Invite better responses and input from employees and peers
  • Practice approaches for greater leadership results and consistency
  • Relationship and mutual respect enhancement practices and reminders
  • Proven tools for enhancing leader effectiveness employee perceptions
  • Follow-up approaches (and optional compatible training modules) help boost sustainability and daily practice by more of your people

Tangible Results:

This interactive training is always well received by even the most reluctant or seasoned leaders. It is highly engaging and provides practical approaches for everyday use and it invites noticeable improvements in workplace leadership and teamwork. Several of our clients have put their entire management teams through this training because of the helpful results.

Accountability & Measurement

This single-day workshop works best when combined within a leadership series or by scheduling follow-up assessments and reinforcement training to accelerate and reinforce application of behavior principles.

Program Delivery Includes:

  • Interactive on-site workshop and useful reference workbook
  • In session individual leadership improvement plan
  • Helpful leadership assessments and group hands-on practice
  • Executive summary of all participant feedback

Great Returns on Your Skill-Buiding Investment!

Contact us for greater saivngs when combining multiple training services.

Target Growth Areas:

  • Leader professionalism & consistency
  • Leadership communication tools
  • Questioning and Listening skills
  • Better team understanding
  • Interdepartmental communication
  • Team communication approaches
  • Leader feedback improvement practices
  • Greater cooperation/team trust

“In many ways, effective communication begins with mutual respect, communication that inspires, encourages, or instructs others to do their best.”
         – Zig Ziglar

 “Good communication requires practice. Practice requires taking responsibility and making the effort to work at it!”
         – Joe Tabers

When asked: “would you recommend this workshop to others?”  Out of the last 10 workshops we conducted,

100% of attendees said “YES”.

When asked to Who or why? Some of the many participant comments were:

  • All of our company leaders
  • Good for every organization
  • Everyone has room for improvement
  • For all managers and supervisors
  • Others in my group and my boss
  • Colleagues I work closely with.
  • Any organization who wants their supervisors to be more effective
  • Our whole company
  • All technical leaders to better connect with team members
  • Other co-workers
  • Working level leaders in the company
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