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Productive Training Services reviews from clients and teams

Productive Training reviews

Overwhelmingly Positive Participant Feedback!

Productive Training Services’ testimonials are earned from the good works of our team.
Here are a few of the many thanks and comments we see and hear almost weekly.

Top results clients are seeing and sharing…

– Improved Communication

– Greater Employee Engagement

– More Positive Employee Attitudes

– Reduced Conflicts and Less Turnover

– Improved Customer Service and Loyalty

– Increased Motivation, Work Ethic and Morale

– Inspired Leadership and Teamwork

– More engagement and assertiveness


Over 90% of Productive Training Services’ customers come back again and again.
Below are some of the types of client reviews and comments we receive.

“This was the most useful information I have ever received in a training– and I have been to several seminars put on by Disney – Steven Covey – etc. By far this was most informative and realistic info. – Thank you!” – Department Staff Manager”
“This was the best class I’ve taken in 8 years with our company. Provided valuable feedback, not sarcastic like the other skill workshops but very positive, constructive, even for the things I really need to work on. Instructor is a good presenter himself which really helps. Class feedback was open, honest, and truthful. People didn’t sugarcoat. I really hope others in our senior management team have a chance to attend this session.”  – Patrick – Senior Construction Manager “
“I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did with EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS. Our managers found this program to be one of the most enjoyable and informational classes of their training series. I am not sure if you realize that the eight sessions you did for us trained approximately 200 employees. I would recommend these sessions to any business interested in re-igniting their employees on the importance of communication.” -Training and Organizational Development Manager
“What did you do with Larry? The positive changes I have seen are like night and day.” -Global HR Director

Thank you very much for all of your support over the past six months. Your coaching and advice have been very helpful for me in developing my career as a manager. You are a pleasure to work with professionally and personally. God Bless You.

John P, Manager – Production Planning and Inventory Control

Thank you for all your time and effort, I as well as the team fully appreciated this training. I have talked with others and the team really enjoyed all of the sessions. Thank you!

David D. Director of Engineering

The coaching/training that you gave me was an outstanding experience and it helped me a lot. I really did get a ton out of it. It was seriously a learning experience like I haven’t had in a long time.

Kevin L, Group Manager, Line Systems North America

99% of the participants rated their experience of the overall seminar as very good or excellent. Thank you so much!

Maribeth B. Education Specialist

The presentation was active and flowing. Thoroughly enjoyable and educational.

Rick C. Superintendent

Outstanding presenter; knowledgeable – well prepared – effective – organized – caring.

Ed K. Senior Realty Specialist

The instructor was well-informed, presented the information excellently and made the class very interesting. This was one of the best classes I ever attended. I feel that I am leaving with so much more than I came with.

Barbara P. Quality Assurance Specialist

I gained good and valuable motivation skills which every manager needs.

Diana D. Collection Manager

The program was motivating, entertaining, and very effective. These points are directly related to the overall extreme effectiveness of the instructor. One of the best courses I’ve attended.

Joe A. Auditor

On behalf of a grateful crew of account executives and consultants, I would like to express my deep appreciation for the fine job of sales training you did for us. Your ratings were very high and staff has expressed a desire for additional training (something I did not expect from this bunch).

Director, Business Development, CU Corp.

I would like to thank you for the Team Building Workshop that you conducted last Friday for our Executive Committee. The material presented met our goals and your presentation exceeded our expectations.

Director of Human Resources, Robotics Company

Thanks again for the outstanding session on Executive Motivation that you conducted for the Financial Executives Institute today. This program received the highest ratings of any professional development session we have conducted.

Chairman of Professional Development, Financial Executives Institute

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