Attitude for Success! Training

Attitude for Success! Training

Attitude for Success training provides proven strategies to assist employees in building or maintaining a winning attitude both at work and at home.  It also supports approaches that help increase personal and job fulfillment.


Managers, supervisors, and employees who wish to reinforce or strengthen a set of critical daily workplace choices for themselves or entire teams- attitude. Group size: from 10 to 24 people. This course is ideal for teams that want everyone to be at their best for better relationships and results.

Proven Program Objectives:

  • Identify some of the many things that shape our attitudes
  • Assess your attitudinal strengths and areas you can enhance
  • Recognize the impact that our attitude has on how we think, feel, behave and how others respond to us
  • Discover ways we can make positive changes happen for ourselves, along with ideas for inviting others to change or improve
  • Study some of the inspiring words of great men and women throughout history and the impact they can have on our attitudes
  • Create or refine a written personal mission statement as a useful tool for adding meaning and value day to day
  • Review the power of clearly written goals and their influence on our attitude and actions
  • Develop a helpful action plan with steps you can easily take to keep improving your attitude over time

Participant Benefits:

  • Ways to equip yourself to respond better to coworkers, customers/situations
  • Discover proven approaches to invite better responses from others
  • Options for greater self-management and control of one’s own attitude
  • Relationship and mutual respect enhancement reminders
  • Proven tools for enhancing departmental or organizational spiritsInviting better responses and results from coworkers and customers

Tangible Results:

This solid program has been a best seller for over twelve years for good reason.  It is highly interactive, provides practical approaches for every day use and it invites noticeable improvements in workplace mood/morale and teamwork. Many of our clients have had us come back several times to train more employees or even their entire staff due to the welcomed results.

Target Growth Areas:

  • Self awareness & self-management
  • Self-talk control options and choices
  • Self-assessment goals to improve
  • Tools for easing relationship tension
  • Behavior improvement practices
  • Inspiration to keep self improving
  • Employee morale/self-motivation
  • Team cooperation/team trust
  • Better responses to outside factors

Accountability & Measurement: 

This single-day workshop works best when combined within a series or by scheduling follow-up assessments and reinforcement training to accelerate and reinforce application of behavior principles.

Program Delivery Includes: 

  • Interactive on-site workshop and useful reference workbook
  • In session individual leadership improvement plan
  • Helpful leadership assessments and group hands-on practice
  • Executive summary of all participant feedback

“If attitudes were contagious like a disease-would yours be worth catching.”

“A good attitude won’t necessarily fix anything but  it certainly can help everything.” 

“Many companies are now hiring for attitudeand training for skills.”

When asked: “would you recommend this workshop to others?”  Out of the last 10 workshops we conducted,

100% of attendees said “YES”.

When asked to who would you recommend it? Some of the many participant comments were: 

  • All of our company employees.
  • Good for every organization.
  • I learned new ways to build-up or strengthen my own attitude.
  • Everyone has room for improvement.
  • To all leaders who need to set the tone.
  • Co-workers, so they can better support overall team spirit.
  • The whole company.
  • My supervisor and others in my group.
  • Colleagues I work closely with.
  • Co-workers – we all can use a kick in the attitude.
  • Engineers to help them lighten up a bit.
  • Other co-workers.
  • Some of our customers and a few family members.

Generate POSITIVE Returns on Your Skill-Building Investment!

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