Building Quality Customer Service

Rate customer experience review. Service and Customer satisfaction. Five Stars rating.

Quality Customer Service Training Goals

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  • To improve understanding of our customer needs and expectations and how to meet them
  • To enhance “people skills” and flexibility of team members when dealing with customers
  • Provide proven tools that help with the support and consistent delivery of great service

Quality Customer Service Course Objectives

  • Create / agree upon a common definition of “GREAT Customer Service” for staff to embrace – such as adding measurable value for the customer
  • Clarify who the different customers are that we serve
  • Identify and agree upon what our customers really want/need from us
  • Explore how our behavior affects customer service and customer perceptions – then generate behavior ingredients of a “professional”
  • Identify and confirm reasons why customer service benefits all of us
  • Uncover real/potential roadblocks that hinder us from meeting their needs
  • Identify ways to be a good internal customer to other team members/departments
  • Practice a proven 5-step process for quality customer handling
  • Understand your behavioral style and its effect on co-worker and customer attitudes, perceptions and outcomes
  • Identify what approaches work best with people that differ from your preferred style
  • Identify ways to acknowledge and resolve conflict professionally
  • Develop a personalized plan of action you can take to help support Quality Service